Life is what happens when you’re making other plans!

Friday meant  a quick trip to the clinic to get meds to help me breathe again! He also gave me an antibiotic since this looks like the beginning of bronchitis.  The meds are working and I am breathing better with only three more “serious” rest days and than can begin to get moving again.  However Saturday at chore time Hailie had delivered 5 babies. Two were still in their sacks and hadn’t breathed. Three were trying hard to breath.  We did all the things we could think off to get them going but eventually they all died. :o(   I am sad but know God is nudging us in some new direction and maybe we aren’t seeing it.

Sunday was a total rest day for me except for milking the doe out AM and PM.  I would like to sell her as a milker if that is the direction we need to go in.


One thought on “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans!

  1. Love your title for this post. Life happens while you make other plans is perfectly true. In November we took a bus tour to new York City to celebrate 10 years cancer free. No sooner got back and I found out I had pre cancerous cells in my right breast, now i am waiting for another mastectomy.God knows where I am and I am glad that I know where He is.

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