Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you with or without snow.  What a winter we are having!  We made the 200 mile round-trip yesterday to Ellsworth to see a new Rheumatologist.  On the way we stopped to see an old friend and goat keeper.  He helped us out with meds we needed for one of the goats and we visited his beautiful herd of Nubian and Oberhalsii goats.

The new doctor was both thorough and competent.  We left there with a clearer direction to work with the chronic syndrome I am living with. I am thankful.

We ate a Denny’s in Ellsworth and headed home.  The storm had already started sooner than we expected and the roads were greasy. Our car had a mind of its own on one of the curves on route 179 and went out of control.  God guided my husband through it and he wisely touched the gas and not the brakes and after a 360 and hitting the guardrail the car was again facing in the right direction.  We weren’t sure of how much damage we had sustained but were thankful that we were alive. Husband touched the gas again and the car was drivable so off we went.  At the corner of 179 and route 9 he got out to assess the damage.  It seemed minimal  so we continued on home.  It was a relief to drive into the garage and be home!

Today it is raining, the snow is heavy but we are plowed out.  Our animals are tended and we are spending a wonderful Valentine’s Day taking it easy and being thankful.

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