Seasons of Life

IMG_5659This has been a rough winter.  The fluctuations  in temps along with the snow/rain/ snow patterns has done a number on my old body parts.  Having two goats kid too early for kid survival added to my stress.  In addition to that we had an automobile accident leaving us unhurt (praise God) but the car reflecting the times it went around and hit the guard rail. It has lots of holes and cracks and dents and is still waiting to be fixed.

All of this nudged me toward the next season of life.  The accident happened on the way home from Ellsworth where I saw another rheumatologist who confirmed the Waterville Doctor’s diagnosis. I have Osteoporosis along with Fibromyalgia. The new doc, however, said she did not deal with Fibromyalgia and wished me well.

The Fibromyalgia diagnosis certainly helped explain all the ups and downs of my body, achy all over, feeling poorly and exhaustion that did not stop.  I have read everything I could lay my hands on in order to try  to direct the care I needed.  I needed to slow down and listen to my body and be willing to let some things go.  I found that milking one goat and then two was causing severe pain in my hands and fingers .  As much as we loved our little herd it seemed like it was time to let go.  I advertised them for sale as a “herd” only and was thrilled that a friend wanted to buy them. She could not take them for a couple weeks so I had the opportunity to say my good-byes to them and experience the loss of that season of my life.  We also said good-by to one of the cats leaving us just two.  I was surprised at the lessening of the commotion in the house with one cat gone.  Clearly I needed to simplify so I would be able to handle the household chores most of the time.

Suki is very willing to make sure I get the cat food to her and to Bergie in a timely way!



4 thoughts on “Seasons of Life

  1. I’m so sorry for all of your medical problems and for the loss of the goats and the cat. I hope you’ll find a way to slow down and enjoy your new way of life.

    • Thank you, Lillian. I am learning, sometimes painfully, not to over do. I am looking forward to this next season of my life. Jan

  2. I wish I lived near by to give you a helping hand . Believe me, you wouldn’t want my help in making a doll. The Nova Star comes into Yarmouth today for a showing. Now I feel more connected to Maine and can get there with only a 5 minute drive and the Captain can do the rest.Hopefully I will get to meet Amity this summer.

    • Thank you Ellen. Today I actually got started on a spring doll. It meant the dishes are still waiting but it was worth it to tap into the creativity that wants to come out.

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