A Week of Surprises

I just love Siamese cats.  However in the last year the attrition rate here has been heavy.

Two left because they were very fluffy and shed a lot of hair causing problems for my hypersensitive airways.  One, our beloved Blue, was let outside and after a couple of days disappeared. One went to live with another family because she didn’t fit in. One would never let us near him and went out an open window to become an outside feral cat. That left me Suki.

She and I were quite happy together but she began to cry a lot and wander the house looking for her friends. I had seen an ad for free  cats that were under two years old and were available.  We called the number and headed off to see if we were interested in any of these cats.

What a strange visit we had.  The “cat” lady had us sit in her living room and she brought out one seal point and handed her to me.  The cat immediately jumped down and ran away. I asked if she had any blue points since that was what I was interested in.  She said, “No.” Then she brought out another seal point. She was a beauty, soft and silky and I decided I would take her.  Paul got our kennel cab and put her in it.

Then this woman brought out a tiny kitten and said she was blue point. I got up to take a closer look and she told me to stay away. The kitten was young and I might give it germs.

She took it back and came back with a beautiful, small cat she said was a lilac point.  She looked just like Suki! She was exactly what I was looking for so I asked Paul to take the Seal point out of our kennel cab and put her in.

“Oh, no,” said the woman you need to take them both! I looked at Paul and he nodded wanting a way to get out of this lady’s house. She hugged me and continued to talked and hugged me again as I tried to get out the door.

We brought them home and put them in a large wire cage (that we had used for goats) in the middle of the living room. Grandchildren and their dog added to the commotion in the house but the two cats were quiet and observant. When kids and dogs went home we finally let them out.  They explored the downstairs and then the upstairs as well as the screen porch.

Each in turn were sniffed by Suki without incident.

I did not need two more cats but this might just work out!



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