Mother’s Day Special

I am blessed with six wonderful children.  They have done well in their lives and are very busy most of the time.  It is exciting when they make time to come to the farm, especially since it is far from where they live.

My husband told me last Tuesday that he had a surprise for me arriving by private carrier.  I couldn’t imagine what he had done.  He had done a bit of picking up (unusual for him) and I thought maybe the two youngest kids and the grandkids might be coming. They both live in Maine.

You can imagine how surprised I was when a big truck with NY plates drove into the yard.  It was my oldest daughter and her beau.  I hadn’t seen them in four years!  I could hardly believe it!  I could not stop smiling.  Neither could she!

We had a wonderful overnight visit before they had to head back. Their micro-creamery and 68 goats keep them extremely busy and they needed to head home.   What a gift to drive so far for a visit.(525 miles one way) I am blessed.IMG_5942

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