Summer is upon us. “Arthur” gave us a visit and tried to wipe out the tallest of corn plants but with a bit of first aid we roped the patch back up and they grew straight again. Praise God.IMG_6122

We have had numerous delicious garden salads that included fresh lettuce, peas, sugar ann peas, beets, spinach and anything else I could find ready to pick and eat.IMG_6089

We’ve had some very hot days and some torrential rains. All in all it has been summer, a time for me to relax and to enjoy. My sweet husband has spent weekends doing what he loves…farming and creating special manure tea to give his plants the best opportunity to produce. IMG_6109

I had two eye surgeries (cataracts) that meant rest, rest and more rest. The eyes surgery is healing perfectly but the eyes themselves are still blurring. I see the Doctor again in 10 days to be fitted with glasses to take care of the problem.  Because we traveled to have the surgery we had a mini vacation and overnight in Bangor so we could do the follow up rested.  We also got in a shopping trip to Reny’s. That was fun!  It was great to be away from the farm for even a short time.

I’ve also had a severe flare-up and a mini flare-up requiring (you guessed it) rest. I was taken by surprise as I have not had a flare in quite a while.

I think I’ll be a very rested person when the summer is over!IMG_6104


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