IMG_6346Snow. Since November. It’s not even winter yet! I am thankful we purchased a new stove and am enjoying using it. IMG_6238The downstairs is buttoned up for the winter so we don’t heat the back room or the upstairs. It leaves me just the downstairs to keep neat and clean, as long as I don’t “dump” stuff upstairs and leave it company ready. The back room needs some work but it is on my list to get to this month. I need to move the liquid perishables into the kitchen cabinets for the coldest part of the winter so they don’t freeze.

Both Paul and I have been quite sick. Thankfully it happened sequentially and not at the same time! He had a serious bout of pneumonia and I followed that with acute bronchitis. I am hoping that gives us some immunity for the rest of the cold season. We were blessed with a visit from Nicole and Amanda in the midst of IMG_6312the sickness.IMG_6311 She came loaded down and helped with some much needed cleaning as well. She also left me an apple pie!

My dryer broke, we got it fixed. The sump pump broke, replaced it. The washing machine started to leak and although fixable the cost would be comparable to replacing it. I was also looking for a top loader because it would be easier on my back. We purchased a new one locally, had it delivered and set up. It works very well!

So between illness, repair and replacement our Christmas/anniversary will look a bit different this year. We will enjoy and be thankful for God’s provision and celebrate the holiday with lots of love.

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