I am a child of God, a woman, a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. I manage a couple of exceptional milk goats and keep tabs on two great Siamese kittens.  I have gotten to do many things I have wanted to do and some things I haven’t wanted to do :)!

God has been very good to me and kept me from harm and rescued me from my stupidity. I am a work in progress, here by His amazing grace. I have been battling an  illness (autoimmune disease)that has left me fatigued , in pain and short of breath much of the time.  I have a couple of wonderful doctors helping me with this. That has not kept me from enjoying the wonderful things in my life.  God is so good!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi All, Merry Christmas. Jan Don’t forget the ocean pictures. And I want to see Kip and Maresella Too. Glad you are having fun. Jean

  2. Dear Jan, I live in St. Johnsbury Vermont and I love to make dolls. I read your entire blog because we have so much in common, it was like visiting an old friend! I am 59 years old and have a DH. Kids are all grown up – yikes, oldest is 42 – and lots of grandkids. I was inspired to make my first Waldorf doll and he is a cutie. Would just love to correspond with you. Your new friend, Meg

  3. My name is Isabel and I couldn’t find your name . So , I will call you new friend , if you don’t mind . I just read you have a sister that lives in Florida . I’m Brazilian and I live in Florida too . Any chance that your sister sews Waldorf Dolls ? I’m looking for somebody to help with it . Thank you and have a great day , Isabel .

  4. Hi Meg,
    I have been enthralled with your beautiful website, your dolls and works of art (photography of where you live). I can find no entry since 2007.
    I am in So. FL and would love to be in touch with you.
    Thank you for Dolly Dilettante website, please keep blogging, you are amazing. Jan

  5. Dear Jan, I’m so happy to meet you! Your dolls are just precious. I actually wasn’t familiar with this kind of doll at all until Jenny Wren. It is amazing to me how their simple expressions can evoke the dearest personalities. I hope this message finds you feeling better and that you find comfort, answers, and closeness with Father as you walk through this time of physical tiredness and unknowns. I’m so glad you stopped by.


  6. Hi Jan,

    I just found your blog through “be more with less” and I’m so excited! Your goats are adorable and your dolls are precious. I’m a mother of 2 little girls and I homeschool them using the Waldorf philosophy, so I’m familiar with your style of dolls. They are the best dolls any child can have. I’m happy to read that you are feeling better now.
    I’m adding your blog to my favorites. Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Mariza,
    Thank you for writing. I am not the Jan with the goats, albeit, they are adorable. I am not sure what the mix-up is. I wrote in 2009 and a lot of issues have passed under the bridge since then. I still have the website, but there are no goats. I do design and make cloth dolls. Happy New Year and Blessings, Janet

  8. Like your Blog here, I found it through your link on backyard herds.com I’m Marliah over there, also in Maine and raising Nigerians, your dolls are lovely I have made some Waldorf dolls myself in past years.
    I am also a believer and yes God is so good!

    Where in Maine are you? If you want to get in touch sometime here’s my email daisygirldesigns at yahoo dot com

    I don’t know anyone else local that raises Nigerians 🙂 at the present time we have four, two moms and two babies. We got them for milking but haven’t start milking yet, I think next week will be the start of it!

  9. Hi Jan! I will now be a follower! Westie and her udder look great, and please, if you ever need to place her may I have first refusal? Love your blog and all you do…..Julie

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