Late September and it is hot and humid here in Northern Maine. Ugh! I am sticking to my leather recliner! We rearranged our room today and it looks so much roomier. We took out the table that mostly got cluttered (any flat surface needs to be filled)and moved the rocker and recliner. We put Bud Lauridsen’s paintings on the wall and took out the rug. It looks so nice. I’m glad we did it!

Here We Are!

September is almost finished. This morning the air is cool and crisp at 46 degrees. I’ve stood on the deck while the dog does her business and feel it on my face! Fall is here, at least in the early morning. Heat for the next few days I hear as summer lingers. I have been finishing up sewing projects for the November 4th craft show. I am excited as I have plenty to take to that market.

Fix the Jeep

The weather around here is getting just plain dangerous, with rain and sleet and ice and snow. We need the four wheel drive that the Jeep had. I took it in today and they are ordering the switch for it. As soon as it comes in they will fix it. I did not enjoy the ride to Lincoln without 4 wheel drive as there was still ice here and there on the road. I was certainly glad it had warmed up a bit so the ride back was much easier and I was not as tense.



IMG_6346Snow. Since November. It’s not even winter yet! I am thankful we purchased a new stove and am enjoying using it. IMG_6238The downstairs is buttoned up for the winter so we don’t heat the back room or the upstairs. It leaves me just the downstairs to keep neat and clean, as long as I don’t “dump” stuff upstairs and leave it company ready. The back room needs some work but it is on my list to get to this month. I need to move the liquid perishables into the kitchen cabinets for the coldest part of the winter so they don’t freeze.

Both Paul and I have been quite sick. Thankfully it happened sequentially and not at the same time! He had a serious bout of pneumonia and I followed that with acute bronchitis. I am hoping that gives us some immunity for the rest of the cold season. We were blessed with a visit from Nicole and Amanda in the midst of IMG_6312the sickness.IMG_6311 She came loaded down and helped with some much needed cleaning as well. She also left me an apple pie!

My dryer broke, we got it fixed. The sump pump broke, replaced it. The washing machine started to leak and although fixable the cost would be comparable to replacing it. I was also looking for a top loader because it would be easier on my back. We purchased a new one locally, had it delivered and set up. It works very well!

So between illness, repair and replacement our Christmas/anniversary will look a bit different this year. We will enjoy and be thankful for God’s provision and celebrate the holiday with lots of love.

The Speed of Light

Summer moved through with the speed of light and here we are in September .  The garden has done well and we have particularly enjoyed the corn.  Paul planted a late planting of peas and beans which are already in bloom. I hope to put some by as I missed the earlier planting.

I am seeing much better after surgery with my new glasses.  I was able to pick and freeze some blueberries from our field. They were certainly plentiful although my body didn’t always feel very good afterwards. Bending over stirs up the chest wall pain!

Paul changed jobs August first and now has a more regular schedule and 40 hours each week as well.  IMG_6175


Summer is upon us. “Arthur” gave us a visit and tried to wipe out the tallest of corn plants but with a bit of first aid we roped the patch back up and they grew straight again. Praise God.IMG_6122

We have had numerous delicious garden salads that included fresh lettuce, peas, sugar ann peas, beets, spinach and anything else I could find ready to pick and eat.IMG_6089

We’ve had some very hot days and some torrential rains. All in all it has been summer, a time for me to relax and to enjoy. My sweet husband has spent weekends doing what he loves…farming and creating special manure tea to give his plants the best opportunity to produce. IMG_6109

I had two eye surgeries (cataracts) that meant rest, rest and more rest. The eyes surgery is healing perfectly but the eyes themselves are still blurring. I see the Doctor again in 10 days to be fitted with glasses to take care of the problem.  Because we traveled to have the surgery we had a mini vacation and overnight in Bangor so we could do the follow up rested.  We also got in a shopping trip to Reny’s. That was fun!  It was great to be away from the farm for even a short time.

I’ve also had a severe flare-up and a mini flare-up requiring (you guessed it) rest. I was taken by surprise as I have not had a flare in quite a while.

I think I’ll be a very rested person when the summer is over!IMG_6104


And then there’s the birthday!

Yes, indeed, I had another one.  They keep rolling by.  Each year more quickly.

My sister and brother came by a week early, when my brother and his wife were visiting, and had supper and a cake for  me.  It was nice to have three of the five siblings together and two of us over 70!IMG_5987

Then the week-end of my birthday my youngest daughter came and we had the most delightful week-end.  IMG_5997IMG_5994

On Monday…the actual day of my birthday (June 2) my sister took me out for the day and we did all the things we both like.  First we went to the greenhouse we like in Meddybemps. Then we went to Eastport and smelled the ocean breezes and went into all the little shops. IMG_6000 IMG_6001We had coffee and homemade pastry in a small bakery. We visited and thoroughly enjoyed the  local thrift shop.  We had a great lunch in Perry and then went to Gleason’s beach.  We sat in our beach chairs and walked some. collecting rocks and a bit of seaweed.IMG_6008We talked and giggled and enjoyed each other’s company.  Next we had ice cream and then headed home. On the way we stopped at a great Yard Sale.  Fun!  Fun!  Fun!

My daughter and husband made me a lovely meal when I got home as well!

What a terrific birthday!



If you had asked me last week (when the snow was piled high in the dooryard ) if spring would ever show up I would have told you, “Not real soon.”

But with three warm days strung together I can feel spring inching its way in.  The huge mounds of snow have gone and the dooryard is clear. We have seen robins flitting about looking for worms. The colors on the purple finch and the yellow finch have brightened considerably. Image

My sweetheart brought home a soil thermometer yesterday and today when I stuck it in one of the raised beds it read 54 degrees. Peas can go in soon!

Seasons of Life

IMG_5659This has been a rough winter.  The fluctuations  in temps along with the snow/rain/ snow patterns has done a number on my old body parts.  Having two goats kid too early for kid survival added to my stress.  In addition to that we had an automobile accident leaving us unhurt (praise God) but the car reflecting the times it went around and hit the guard rail. It has lots of holes and cracks and dents and is still waiting to be fixed.

All of this nudged me toward the next season of life.  The accident happened on the way home from Ellsworth where I saw another rheumatologist who confirmed the Waterville Doctor’s diagnosis. I have Osteoporosis along with Fibromyalgia. The new doc, however, said she did not deal with Fibromyalgia and wished me well.

The Fibromyalgia diagnosis certainly helped explain all the ups and downs of my body, achy all over, feeling poorly and exhaustion that did not stop.  I have read everything I could lay my hands on in order to try  to direct the care I needed.  I needed to slow down and listen to my body and be willing to let some things go.  I found that milking one goat and then two was causing severe pain in my hands and fingers .  As much as we loved our little herd it seemed like it was time to let go.  I advertised them for sale as a “herd” only and was thrilled that a friend wanted to buy them. She could not take them for a couple weeks so I had the opportunity to say my good-byes to them and experience the loss of that season of my life.  We also said good-by to one of the cats leaving us just two.  I was surprised at the lessening of the commotion in the house with one cat gone.  Clearly I needed to simplify so I would be able to handle the household chores most of the time.

Suki is very willing to make sure I get the cat food to her and to Bergie in a timely way!



Life is what happens when you’re making other plans!

Friday meant  a quick trip to the clinic to get meds to help me breathe again! He also gave me an antibiotic since this looks like the beginning of bronchitis.  The meds are working and I am breathing better with only three more “serious” rest days and than can begin to get moving again.  However Saturday at chore time Hailie had delivered 5 babies. Two were still in their sacks and hadn’t breathed. Three were trying hard to breath.  We did all the things we could think off to get them going but eventually they all died. :o(   I am sad but know God is nudging us in some new direction and maybe we aren’t seeing it.

Sunday was a total rest day for me except for milking the doe out AM and PM.  I would like to sell her as a milker if that is the direction we need to go in.