I’m Still Here!

With the sale of my very special herd and the dismantling of all the goat spaces I have been somewhat sad.  It was time but it was very hard. All my cats except for Suki have up and left.  Winter has dragged on and on.  A car accident (no one was hurt) left me carless for a few weeks while the car got repaired. Even if you have no intention of going anywhere you feel stranded without wheels.  I have not felt anywhere near good for several weeks and consequently have spent a lot of time sleeping. That’s my excuse for not attending to my blog anyway.

However Spring is in the air. I am free of the daily chores and so can get up and go if I so desire.  I have two good diagnosis’ for my health issues…Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia.  This gives me the chance to investigate how to deal with the pain and stiffness so I can start to do some of the fun things I like to do.

My husband has been a trooper. He has taken over when I have run out.  He has been cheerful and helpful and very understanding as I have groped for answers and cried about the situation.

My desire is to make a doll over the next few weeks and I am hoping for the energy to do it.

Seasons of Life

IMG_5659This has been a rough winter.  The fluctuations  in temps along with the snow/rain/ snow patterns has done a number on my old body parts.  Having two goats kid too early for kid survival added to my stress.  In addition to that we had an automobile accident leaving us unhurt (praise God) but the car reflecting the times it went around and hit the guard rail. It has lots of holes and cracks and dents and is still waiting to be fixed.

All of this nudged me toward the next season of life.  The accident happened on the way home from Ellsworth where I saw another rheumatologist who confirmed the Waterville Doctor’s diagnosis. I have Osteoporosis along with Fibromyalgia. The new doc, however, said she did not deal with Fibromyalgia and wished me well.

The Fibromyalgia diagnosis certainly helped explain all the ups and downs of my body, achy all over, feeling poorly and exhaustion that did not stop.  I have read everything I could lay my hands on in order to try  to direct the care I needed.  I needed to slow down and listen to my body and be willing to let some things go.  I found that milking one goat and then two was causing severe pain in my hands and fingers .  As much as we loved our little herd it seemed like it was time to let go.  I advertised them for sale as a “herd” only and was thrilled that a friend wanted to buy them. She could not take them for a couple weeks so I had the opportunity to say my good-byes to them and experience the loss of that season of my life.  We also said good-by to one of the cats leaving us just two.  I was surprised at the lessening of the commotion in the house with one cat gone.  Clearly I needed to simplify so I would be able to handle the household chores most of the time.

Suki is very willing to make sure I get the cat food to her and to Bergie in a timely way!



Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to you with or without snow.  What a winter we are having!  We made the 200 mile round-trip yesterday to Ellsworth to see a new Rheumatologist.  On the way we stopped to see an old friend and goat keeper.  He helped us out with meds we needed for one of the goats and we visited his beautiful herd of Nubian and Oberhalsii goats.

The new doctor was both thorough and competent.  We left there with a clearer direction to work with the chronic syndrome I am living with. I am thankful.

We ate a Denny’s in Ellsworth and headed home.  The storm had already started sooner than we expected and the roads were greasy. Our car had a mind of its own on one of the curves on route 179 and went out of control.  God guided my husband through it and he wisely touched the gas and not the brakes and after a 360 and hitting the guardrail the car was again facing in the right direction.  We weren’t sure of how much damage we had sustained but were thankful that we were alive. Husband touched the gas again and the car was drivable so off we went.  At the corner of 179 and route 9 he got out to assess the damage.  It seemed minimal  so we continued on home.  It was a relief to drive into the garage and be home!

Today it is raining, the snow is heavy but we are plowed out.  Our animals are tended and we are spending a wonderful Valentine’s Day taking it easy and being thankful.

Life is what happens when you’re making other plans!

Friday meant  a quick trip to the clinic to get meds to help me breathe again! He also gave me an antibiotic since this looks like the beginning of bronchitis.  The meds are working and I am breathing better with only three more “serious” rest days and than can begin to get moving again.  However Saturday at chore time Hailie had delivered 5 babies. Two were still in their sacks and hadn’t breathed. Three were trying hard to breath.  We did all the things we could think off to get them going but eventually they all died. :o(   I am sad but know God is nudging us in some new direction and maybe we aren’t seeing it.

Sunday was a total rest day for me except for milking the doe out AM and PM.  I would like to sell her as a milker if that is the direction we need to go in.


Where have I been?

January has been a difficult month.  The weather has been all over the place causing this arthritic body to complain daily.  We did enjoy Paul’s birthday with an afternoon of unexpected birthday guests and lots of laughter! Amity gave him an iPhone and a months’ worth of instruction in an afternoon.IMG_5593

I have been happy to try out some new dishes. I ‘ve been wanting to make noodles from scratch for a long time. Here is my first attempt.  Although husband thought they were too thick and too chewy I loved them. I know they need to be rolled thinner so I may need to acquire a pasta roller as these were as thin as I could get them.IMG_5606

I also had become timid about my carrot cake as the one for Zach’s birthday was a total flop. I found a new recipe and it was wonderful. We ate the whole thing in less than a week’s time. Yum!IMG_5608

Paul has been keeping the feeders filled and I certainly have enjoyed watching the birds flit in and out.IMG_5617


Two Weeks of Winter

In two weeks we have had a whole winter and it’s only January!  Several days of below zero temps happened. We actually had two days at 19 below. IMG_5568 We had an ice storm and then a nor’easter and then torrential rain!  Although we lost our electricity for less than a day others waited a long time to have the power restored.  All this up and down weather has not be friendly to my body. I am tiring more quickly than I would like.  I am also having trouble going outside because of some much ice. IMG_5578

However, we were thrilled to have our two youngest kids here as well as the grandkids.IMG_5551 IMG_5547My daughter-in-law made a wonderful turkey dinner.  I attempted a birthday cake but it was too late in the day and I was tired so I missed an ingredient or two and it was no eatable. Oh well.IMG_5554


Ice Storm

We have just come through the ice storm and managed to do without power for an afternoon and evening.  We were incredibly thankful for a wood stove and lots of candles and scrabble by lamp light.  The ice on the trees bent them down to the ground.  Everywhere you tried to walk was slippery with ice.  It was also very cold.

We managed to get lights on our outdoor Christmas tree and allow the birds to be the other decorations.  It was beautiful.IMG_5535

Very Cold (11 below zero) Weather!

Yes, it has been very, very cold. It went up to 4 degrees today but this evening it’s already below zero and by morning we are expecting a storm dropping over a foot of snow.  Consequently today was a busy day for my husband.  He took care of several air leaks that cool our house down.  He brought in two more truckloads of wood and has the truck loaded a third time and parked in the garage. IMG_5479He made the cats’ Christmas gift so they could enjoy it early.

My part was to make lunch. I did! It was a tasty soup using lots of leftovers from the refrigerator including cooked steak from Amity and one from our night out. Later I made no bake cookies to help keep his blood sugar where it needed to be.

The cats certainly enjoyed discovering their new walkway and plush resting place.IMG_5470

A Wonderful Surprise

We live far from anywhere and consequently don’t see our grown up kids often.  Our youngest daughter had an operation before Thanksgiving and although we talked to her on the phone we hadn’t seen her.  Today she came by about noon with lunch and a friend and we got to visit for a couple of hours. I couldn’t imagine a nicer surprise!

Thanks Eric for bringing her to the farm!IMG_5460


It is snowing on this cold December Sunday.  The forecast calls for 4 to 6 inches.  Although we’ve had some dustings through November this is the first snow with cautionary weather warnings.  The last two weeks in November have been mostly very cold with wind, making it even colder!  We had one tropical day and then back to more cold.  The animals’ water bucket get iced over and water has to be hauled from the house.  The goats are growing heavy winter coats and in spite of the cold sit outside in any sun warmed place.  

I saw my Rheumatologist 10 days ago and she recommended that I try fish oil or Krill and see if that helps with the sore joints in my fingers, hands and knees.  I am thinking it is working as my fingers feel great and I have no knee pain.  I am so thankful.  Th energy is not there yet but perhaps with time that will return. 

I am hankering to do some dolly work but haven’t yet.  I have knitted lots of little doll shoes from a pattern by Little Jenny Wren. She said it was easy and it was!  http://littlejennywren.blogspot.com  She is a wonderful doll maker and I got lots of inspiration from her.  

We have a beaver dam down in our back pond.  My sister and I walked down to see it yesterday.  They’ve been hard at work taking down the trees to get it built!Image