I had an ER visit on April 3rd as I was feeling heart attack like symptoms and my doctor wanted me to have the visit to rule out heart issues when these attacks occur.

No heart issues although the pain appeared suddenly and with extreme intensity. Six hours later we were home, with me very tired from the flare.

I had another on the 30th of April upon awaking. Recognizing it as the same type of incident as before I called Paul to get me the meds that helped in the past. The intensity subsided with med help in about 20 minutes and left me exhausted but pain free.

Yesterday I had a wonderful morning in Calais until in the middle of the grocery store the same pain (jaw to chest to arms) started. Got some help finding Sandra in the store and took meds I had available for just such an incident and sat while the meds worked. Sandra finished my shopping brought me home.  Again I was exhausted from the severe pain/ordeal. This auto immune stuff is taking a toll.

The most difficult part of this is that I have no idea when it is going to happen, it mimics heart attack like symptoms and otherwise I look perfectly fine.  IMG_4218


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